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This week  Google has been one of most commented, and for that we you bring all the Google's innovations:


In the clearest step of those of Mountain View in increment their visits and to enter IOS's world, we have surprised this week with GBoard's launch


This new keyboard with the structure of the IOS's native one, incorporates in the top part a button to realize searches in Google without going out of the application in use.


A great step that facilitates the searches of all kinds to the users and to send them for an application of messenger company like can be Whatsapp.

Google i/o 2016


Since it was reminded to the beginning of the I/O Google it has improved very much with regard to the last 10 years, and likewise it has facilitated the life of his users adapting to the evolution of the technology.

And Sundar Pichai, also noticed that they hope that Google improves very much in these next 10 years (will Google have some surprise for us?).

Google Assistant

Google,  announced the substitute for Google Now; and of my point of view corrects all the mistakes that SIRI has.

Now's substitute, is called Google Assistant and can understand the context, making a conversation more fluid with the same one.

This " Conversational Assistant " like named Pichai (Google's CEO) it is capable of relating the previous and laterphrases to realize searches of an easier way when the user uses the voice.

Android N

As every year in these conferences, Google announces the functions of the new operating system, which in this case it begins for N.


Between the innovations, Google throws squarely with a support of virtual reality across his platform Daydream on that we will comment down below, creating a system in order that the apps, fewer employees are eliminated of the sprincipal screen and in the new version the change of tasks is improved.

Google overturning with his users, so much like even to leave them to baptize to his operating system, throwing a contest to which it is possible to accede in this link

Being the efficiency Google's lens, the processing is improved by the system Vulkan, the safety system is going to be improved and  the updates of the operating system will be realized of automatic form, if the update is compatible with your telephone.

Android Wear 2.0

The developers already have Android Wear's thread 2.0, during the rest of the year it will come to us.

This new operating system guarantees a major duration of the battery, freedom with regard to the telephone, better support for the physical activities besides a more intelligent and predictive system.

In this topic of " more predictive system " Google lanzá Smart Reply with a new recognition of writing of hand and keyboard like strong points.

Instant Apps

Also it has as purpose improve the efficiency, this new technology downloads individual modules of the app, which your you decide, instead of asking you to download the complete app.

This new technology will work in  versions from Jellybean, this included version

Google VR: DayDream

Is here the evolution of the Google's Cardboard 


This new this technology is in a very early phase, for which alone Google showed the project of design of the glasses, the control and the platform of tools.


The operating system of this technology, named DayDream based on Android and already available this one for developers

Google has announced the list of specifications that do that a this telephone prepared to use DayDream, at the end of autumn these will have to be available on the part of the principal manufacturers.


Also there exists the way of virtual reality with optimizations of performance, and a specific interface to be able to use the apps in VR.

Besides that this one preparing a great remittance of content and games optimized for VR, including Play Movies, Street View and Google Photos.

Google Home

Google has presented this device that works with Google Cast, and it will be a rival of  Amazon Echo (that was mentioned and criticized during the I/O).

With a nice design, this element will allow you to go for house saying " OK, Google " being capable of acceding, with your permission,at all your personal information stored in Google, as for example your calendar.

Allo & Duo

Google also launched DUO (the FaceTime and Skype competitor).

Unlike Hangouts, it is designed for the communication between only two persons.

An innovation is the incorporation of the system Knock Knock, is that you can preview the videos of the speaker before answering.

After the failure of "Talk" and "Hangouts", Google it decides to try  it again, with ALLO (Facebook Messenger competitor) with certainly seemed to SnapChat and with integrated Google Assistant.


The assistant of Google will suggest based answers even even in the sent photographies. Another new function is Whisper Shout (To whisper or To shout), that can decrease or increase the source of text to mark the intensity with which you say it.

Allo also has InPrivate mode in Allo with encriptacion from point to point and the aptitude to erase conversations.

The two apps will be available from this summer both for Android and for IOS.

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